Enjoy the Journey Adventure Patch, Embroidered Badge, Applique, Hiking Patch

Either iron on or sew. Come with velcro panel which can be sewn on. Patch Size: 7 cm in diameter Iron-on Instructions: 1:Preheat iron to cotton setting; 2:Pretest your fabric for heat tolerance at this setting; 3:Place the applique on the surface of the cloth or curtain,Cover the applique with a cotton cloth.Iron for 10-15 seconds,tacking it into position. 4:Turn garment inside-out and,with your heat iron,apply pressure for 20-25 seconds to the back of where your applique has been tacked. 5:If you want the applique more secure,Sew along the side of the applique. Please note, there might be some slight colour difference to the original image due to lighting. Where possible we have tried to show the true colouring in alternative images.